To Relieve Pain & Release Muscle Tension

To send micro-current to the patient.


Acessories to send micro-current to the patient.

●Trigger probe:
Use for the point of pain.

●Indifferent probe: By using this with trigger probe, you could check the area between the 2 probes.

Could be used for muscle relaxation.
●Drop tip:Alloy tip for very sensitive parts.
●Clip for limbs:Adhesive electrode.
Use for whole body adjustment.
●Adhesive electrode:Pain relief by dynamic feedback and feed forward, while treatment.

The gel to be applied to the treatment area. To release the skin resistance, this gel is adjusted to possess the same ion balance as the body, and has higher conductivity than other gels, enabling smooth feedback and feedforward.


Optional Accessories

●Rubber sheet electrode and clip for rubber sheet electrode

Anti-inflammatory purpose for inflammatory phase (can be used in combination with icing) and reduction of muscle spasm (can be used in combination with manual) 

●Ball tip:Use for complex joints.

●Various plates:
Plate for continuous treatment to achieve early recovery.

●Designated carrying case: A carrying case for storing the main unit and accessories.